Real Techniques VoxBox Unboxing!!


Hey guys! I intended to write this blog post the day I got this package but I wanted to make sure to try to products out well before I gave you my final comments on how I felt. Having said that - overall I am feeling really excited about all of the gems I received from Real Techniques! They sent me a tapered blush brush, a triangle foundation brush, and an oval shadow brush all from their bold metals collection! All of the brushes are so pretty and soft. I felt like such aqueen using them, legit. Then as if they hadn't already blew my mind, they threw in an adorable hot pink setting brush; I was dead. I was also in dyer need of a setting brush and literally had one in my online cart when I received this.

It was like they read my mind because I had spent the afternoon searching through the internet for new brushes. Little did I know Real Techniques had hooked me up and my package was right outside my door. I also got a beauty blender which I haven't used since high school - I ended up integrating it into my makeup routine and fell in love. What have I been using this whole entire time to put my makeup on? I forgot when I rekindled with the beauty blender. Get one or you are just working too hard, I'm sorry. 

Overall I am super grateful that I was chosen for this months VoxBox from Real Techniques! It was amazing. (praise hands)



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