23 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

My birthday is in 16 days. I am turning 23 in 16 days, sit on that for just a moment. Just typing that just gave me a slight anxiety attack. I'm not ready. In fact, I don't even know what I learned in my life up until this point that has lead to my being ready for 23 - which I am not. I am supposedly one of the adults, adulting - one of those millennialist adulting weirdos obsessed with selfies and attention on social media. I feel like 23 brings a whole slew of other responsibilities that I haven't been faced with yet. In a way I am enthusiastic and up for the challenge but at times I just want to cringe and cry. I know absolutely nothing. And I am freaking out. So I decided to stick with what I knew in this blogpost, as coconut oil is my savior for everything. I constantly find that when I do not know how to fix something, clean it, or heal it - I smother it with coconut oil. This is my life. 

I was frying chicken almost 9 months ago when a wing flipped abruptly and splashed hot oil onto my belly. Of course my skin rolled right off  but have no fear, I have been applying coconut oil to this burn for months and it is finally starting to disappear. 🙌🏽 (That rhymed)

I also used to oil dip back in the high school days for anyone who bass heard of it. It is basically when you eat a spoonful of coconut oil every morning. The benefits were insane - there are so many things present in coconut oil that your body can use productively. For example, 

 Saturated fat can help boost your immunity and fend off harmful bacteria, as well as lower cholesterol and even  improve liver health. That being said, saturated fats are often extremely high in calories, and experts recommend that they only make up eight percent of a person's daily calorie intake. That translates into about two tablespoons of the stuff per day, no matter how you choose to consume it. (Bustle.com)

They also stated that anyone looking for a heathy weight loss aid should incorporate coconut oil into their diet. Simply consuming 1-2 tablespoons a day works to boost your metabolism and suppresses your appetite between meals. If you are into that sort of thing - I also learned a handful of other things you can do with coconut oil, so here it goes: 



Coconut oil can be used for MANY things when you are talking about the healthiness of your hair. I am a recent natural hair lover and have been looking into the many benefits of incorporating Coconut oil into my regimen. Coconut oil can be used to better damaged hair and it can also condition, help detangle, seal moisture, cool after heat is applied, etc. 

BTW I just named like 4 but whatever!


Weight-loss or Regulation

Consuming 2 tablespoons a day can increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite in a way that is healthiest for your body. 


Clear your scars

Rub some on every day and watch that pesky scar disappear. 


Clean your makeup brushes.


Moisturize your skin.


Remove your makeup.


Whiten your teeth!

Mix with baking soda to create your own teeth whitening method. (DIY)


Protect yourself from the sun. 

Coconut oil works naturally as an SPF 4 sunscreen


Condition your lips :*

Hint - Mix it with some brown sugar. 


Lengthen your lashes!


Use it as a natural mouthwash 


Natural Deodorant 


Reduces wrinkles


Conditions cuticles


Natural shaving cream


Use it in your bath


Heal your tattoos


Cure your dandruff 


Clear your acne 


Natural antibacterial


Use it to create a body cleanse like a smoothie or detox water!


Ok I honestly ran out of ways to use coconut oil for beauty related things. I can think of a million ways to use coconut oil but I feel like each thing touches upon something that was already said - so with that I will just move on to 23. 


Im old and it took me way too long to get to 23 - this has made me stressed. Good night. 


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian