5 Ways To Work On Your Natural Hair This Fall // Winter


I always get super natural hair conscious when it starts to get cold out. I know why too - My hair gets all crunchy and my edges break off due to lack of proper oxygen and oil consumption. This happens every year as you can probably tell, so this time I am trying to do whatever I can to retain moisture and maintain my healthy natural hair. The research I came up with was pretty universal so here are the five things I took away from it all. I will be developing my own personal regimen over the next few weeks, as well as a small diet change to encourage growth and moisture. 

I am hoping to apply little heat and spend a lot of time creating ways to moisture my hair for longer periods of time. I am looking for a lasting hairstyle that can encourage hair growth. 

Here are some tips for keeping your hair moisturized throughout the Fall & Winter! 



& not that fake purified water they sell in the store. #BeBetter


Seal & protect your ends. 

Thicker oils are more effective for moisture - castor oil, avocado oil.


Wash hair less often and make sure to develop a way to add moisture daily to your hair. Whether it is in the form of a spray or just you rubbing oil onto your hair. 


Utilize protective styles!

(This was mentioned in literally every article)


Weekly moisturizing & deep conditioning

(And do not forget to pre-poo with coconut or a hot oil treatment)

Taking a step back from what I learned while researching I wanted to say that a lot of what I found surrounded keeping your hair moisturized. It is obvious when you are trying to get your hair healthy that you should not be applying heat to your hair - simply taking this out of the list of options and rotating a moisture schedule into your life can get your hair moving to a happier place. Start researching styles you can rock this winter - and pick out a new satin scarf to lay in bed with when we are all snowed in and feverish :)

Also, make sure you don't forget to stalk up on all of the hair essentials you may need. The grocery store is an amazing place to get things for your hair! Want to know of some foods you can buy to enhance hair growth and healthiness? Just read my article on hair food! 

& if you know of any DIY growth or protein treatments PLEASE let me know and I will love you forever. No joke. My hair is a mess. 


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian