4 On The Go Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know


1. Treat as you travel. 

I saw this idea on TheEveryGirl.com and thought it was genius. I am not sure why I never thought about it before, but traveling is prime time for getting your skin, mind, and body rested! Not only that, you will be sitting still for the most part so why not apply a face mask or simply rock no makeup. If this isn't up your ally doing your nails is also another awesome idea! I always pack cuticle cutters and a nail file just in case.

2. Hydrate more than you think is ideal.

It is so important to hydrate while traveling. It often slips your mind because you have a million other things happening, but keeping a nice hearty bottle nearby can be a literal lifesaver. Whether you are on a plane, a bus, or in the car the air can get dry. To combat your thirst and discomfort just take some sips of water. 

3. Pack products that multitask!

I cannot stress this enough! I have a concealer that conceals, highlights and lines up my eyebrows. That way you bring one product instead of 3! Really try to figure out how you can simplify your makeup routine. Most times all you really need is about 5 products. 

4. Go tiny.

Travel sizes are everything. I think they were made to girls can keep a handful of helpful things in their purses at once. Whatever the case may be, I LOVE little stuff. They are just so cute, and make me feel so prepared - so go tiny!


I hope this helped :)

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian