Order of Operations // Your Makeup

I have been free-balling my makeup ever since I can remember. I went to the store for the first time to look for what I thought I needed - when in reality I probably needed nothing and would have been a lot better off without any of it. Despite this fact, I bought a handful of lipsticks and foundations and powders I knew nothing about. Slowly sifting through the products over the years and figuring out what it is that i actually liked. Nowadays I have a little routine that I go by: Moisturizer, Primer, Eyes + Eyebrows, Concealer, Foundation, Setting Powder, Bronzer, Highlighter. I wrote this before I did actual research to find out what the written order is for applying your makeup.

Here is what I found.



Primer of Moisturizer


Eye Makeup (shadow, liner, and mascara)


Foundation, then concealer.


Bronzer followed by blush, then highlighter.






I am modifying my makeup routine as we speak in my head. Hope this was helpful.

Source // Purewow.com


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian