Kiehl's Apothecary Preparations // The Key To Winter Skin


I walked into Kiehl's the other day with no definitive skincare plan.

I never really needed one which is why I never thought about it. I've always had relatively good skin and never needed to go through extraordinary measures to keep it clear and healthy. For this I am grateful, however the other day something happened that was absolutely devastating. I was walking to the bus stop and felt a burning sensation near my nose, then I realized my skin had flaked off right in the corner and was exposed to the cold.

I died (and came back to life obviously).

Thankfully that morning I was on my way to Kiehl's for my appointment; so strange how the universe works. When I walked in the woman who I was scheduled to meet with handed me the most amazing skin moisturizer I had ever used in my life. No exaggeration, I was blown away. She told me the product works to hydrate the skin ten layers deep. Immediately I put some on my battle wound and the burning stopped right away. In fact, the skin went back to normal in seconds. This miracle product is the white tube below, get it.


She continued to dazzle me by whipping out a questionnaire to get to know my skin which I thought was nice. Right away I felt like this was just for me. She asked about my daily issues and concerns and with that she created a three step oil concoction personalized for my skin. There were literally test tubes on the table next to us.


Within minutes I had a prescription'like vial of skin slay labeled with my name and what it contained. Overall I was really impressed with my Kiehl's Apothecary Preparations experience. It really made me feel like a princess and like I had really created something just for me. To me this is the key to winter skin. It is so hard to regulate moisture when the temperatures are so low - I know I have issues with it every year.

But do not worry! Just schedule an appointment with Kiehl's to get something perfect. I have been using my products daily, and I have had consistently great feeling skin ever since. I am so excited that I got the chance to have this done. I also want to mention that this feature is only offered in the Northeast. So get on over to Newbury street and get it done! The staff there are so sweet and really make you feel at home. Oh, and tell them Jazzy sent you!


Thanks for reading :)

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian