Cruise Beauty Essentials

You know what I hate? When people judge other people who decide to wear makeup.

Personally when it is too hot I feel that beating my face is a waste of time and energy. I will most likely sweat the entire thing off almost as fast as I put it on. But that is just me.

The other day I was walking around the boat looking for a spot to tan and read when I passed a couple having a heated debate. The boyfriend was literally jumping down his girls throat for slaying her face just to sit by the pool. I was pissed at him. Who did he think he was? Does he understand the concentration it takes to slay a face? Did he realize how drop dead gorgeous his girl looked? Clearly he didn’t care, and that is a shame.

Passing this I got inspired to post my personal beauty essentials for cruising. Though I do not slay my full face because of my perspiration problem, I do commit to a few things to beautify….



Argan Oil (For my hair, wet or dry)


NYX Setting Spray - I use this before I apply anything but after my moisturizer. It is a perfect base for makeup & amazing for setting your makeup immediately after applying.


Mascara - MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash


elf Eyebrow Kit (I also like to pack a small concealer brush and blending brush to perfect the brows on the go)


Lip Combo: Vaseline Lip Therapy & elf Conditioning Lip Balm w/ SPF (golden brown color)

To put it plainly, do what feels good for you. If you want to beat your face, beat it. Because if I could do it and get away with it, I most definitely would. Thank you.


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian