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Recently I have been very into my natural hair. For one, I realized that I didn't really know much about MY natural hair. In fact I spent my entire life learning styles and techniques surrounding how to restrict my hair from being natural. I am kicking myself now because I feel like my hair could be so much healthier. Thats why I am committing to learning a regimen for my natural hair, I also want to learn a growth regimen to do on a continual basis. 

Now, let me tell you how good vibes work. The other day I attended a Boston fashion week event in the city. I was there to support a friend but when i got there I met so many awesome people, it was such a surprise. Lets flash back to  a few hours before the event, I was standing in my bathroom literally crying because I COULD NOT figure out what to do with my hair. It was a joke, I brushed and slicked and sprayed and pressed until I sweat off my makeup an had to change my shirt. To be honest this is why I was so late. I felt like running into Faith's Naturals at the show was a gift from the heavens. She sat there smiling with her products and I couldn't not buy something. Obviously the growth oil intrigued me because my hair is so dry its embarrassing to talk about. When I got home later that night I showered and fingered the oil through my hair, root to tip. Right away I could feel my hair soften - I knew I was doing something right. I am now in the process of getting an entire package of items to help with my moisture and my quest for a growth regimen. 

Faith suggested the following products to try to incorporate for a growth regimen. I will be getting whatever I am missing from this bundle of products to start my regimen this winter!! She was also so kind as to give my readers and I 15% off on her site! 



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Faith's Products for Growth & Healthy Hair:

"Herbal Stimulating Shampoo, Drenched In Silk Hair Milk, The Replenishing Hair Growth Oil and A Small Renew Me Hair Butter"

By the way I have been doing tons of research to construct my natural hair regimen. Here are a couple of the steps I have been following to gather what I need to start...

Step #1 Find a water based moisturizer

Step #2: Find a conditioner and shampoo

Step #3. Find a leave-in and styling product

Step #4 Develop a styling regimen

The site I got these steps from also lists awesome products to try for each category. I will definitely be exploring some of the labels linked in the article.


"Faith's Naturals® is an all natural and organic skin and hair care company, we are focused on providing high quality products and customer satisfaction. Everything here is handmade, Free of harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfate and mineral oils. Our products are composed of natural plant base ingredients that nourishes, restores and replenishes skin and hair. We believe what we put into our body is just as important as what we put on it. With this belief we pride ourselves in providing high quality effective products that will give you results. 

Every product is made with you in mind, from the smallest to the largest. We have selected the highest quality ingredients, that will deliver a wide variety of nutrients to nourish and improve the overall, look and feel of your skin and hair. Our aim is to make sure that you are completely satisfied and not just be a customer but apart of our family."

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