Beauty Sleep & Why It Is So Important

I take my sleep for granted. I seem to always think that life is happening and that I have to be present for everything, when in reality I really do not. What I should be doing is developing a nightly routine to have better sleep, and to stay organized and energized throughout the week. 

I came across this graphic HERE and wanted to share it with you guys because it gave me unusual anxiety. When things are broken down into percentages, it gets serious for me. Don't  get me wrong, I know sleep is important, but I am totally one of those people who thinks they can beat the system with incessant amounts of espresso shots. Having ingested all of the information in this graphic I was sadly mistaken. And to be honest, I was rudely awakened to a bad habit I have.

Because I am not getting enough sleep, my skin is suffering, my body is suffering, and overall my beauty is suffering - this is NOT ok. It made me think of my article on self care, and putting together a plan of action to live a healthier more personalized lifestyle. Developing a self care regimen is key for all of us out here killing ourselves pushing for our dreams. It is so easy to get caught up grinding while forgetting to take care of yourself, you are what is most important.

Give this graphic a browse, and let me know what you think. 

ALSO, I am looking for eye cream suggestions because your girl needs a miracle! Drop your gems :)