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If you have been following my social media you probably have noticed my recent obsession with getting to the gym and getting fit. I’m not sure what it is but recently I have been feeling the urge to limit my burger intake, consume healthier things, and implement some sort of workout regimen that both builds my confidence and tones my body. I am definitely NOT in the best shape of my life and have really been working to change my routine for the better.

I was recently given the opportunity to work out in a beautiful gym in backbay, courtesy of Lynx Fitness Club. I started on my own running on the treadmill and easing into a routine I was comfortable with, which to be honest was kind of weak. Today I teamed up with a friend of mine who showed me a 3 set circuit that gives my entire body a workout. I am honestly so sore as I lay here, but feel so accomplished with myself for the day i’ve had. I used to make all of these excuses to avoid getting to the gym. I blamed work, my extracurriculars, and even the fact that I didn’t get sleep. But today alone, I had a photoshoot, a casting, and a handful of things to get done on my todo list. I was on a train into the city at 7am and was nonstop until about 4pm. This included the gym, and whats strange is that I have been waking up feeling less exhausted. It is also insanely liberating seeing the physical results of the work you put in.

I am excited for the months to come, and cannot wait to see the final results after 3 months. My goal is to get to the gym 2-3 days a week, doing a routine that is repetitive and challenging but perfect for me. I am already off to a great start! Lynx also has a super nice facility. I worked out today, sweat out my hair and was able to shower, blow-dry, and straighten my bowl cut back out after my workout. I’m not sure what else I would ever need! I definitely recommend.

Check out their site below!

& if you are in the city and would like to work out with me PLEASE reach out. I literally LOVE gym partners, y’all are my fave!


Link to Lynx Fitness Club

All shots by  @AllySchmaling

All shots by @AllySchmaling

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