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Mental health is a theme that has been looming among our culture more recently than ever. Why? Because the media is cruel and unusual, and the things each and every one of us take notice to on a daily basis seems to always be tragic. I mean let’s be real - the school shootings, suicides, and killings are simply mainstream. Things we scroll past everyday on our train rides to work absentmindedly while the next asshole tragic thing unravels. It’s sad and the literal root of what I think we are facing as a nation right now. How can any one person sit and internalize anything that has been happening recently? I truly believe each and every one of us has to battle with things mentally on a daily basis just to keep going and that is something that should be talked about. What are the things holding you back emotionally, why aren’t you happy? We should be able to open our minds to the possibility that we are not happy so that we can figure out why.

At this moment every single one of us is planning our next move. Where we want to travel next, our dream homes, cars, you name it. We want more and want to do more but have no desire to be more within ourselves. Sitting alone is one of the hardest things I think I have had to do in my adult life. Sitting with my thoughts, with my desires and my goals all swirling in my mind day in and day out. If it weren't for work which is my constant, I am not sure if I would still be together, honestly.

I sat down with a friend of mine who altered my mental a bit regarding work. He talked about work like it was a drug that I was abusing. A way for me to float through life wearing a mask so I never have to penetrate it. I never really have time to - I am always working. A couple weeks ago I was mentally breaking down and I felt it. I've always had anxiety but I had reached a point where I could not surmount it. It was consuming me, and you know what fixed it? Sitting alone and evaluating - for days. 


Have you heard JCole's album? A friend of mine made sure not to let me forget the release of it and I am honestly so grateful to know her. It is THAT important - “choose wisely” is his apparent theme and he goes on to describe the strongest drugs to man (power, greed, money, fame, love). Each song delves into its own story describing why he is highlighting each of these words.

Listening to this album I had a deeper appreciation for it simply because of the impact it could have if everybody listened. We are all so consumed with having it all, living lavishly, being so famous that everyone knows our name, being loved by any and all - that we are living behind masks. Some of us are really hurting and battling things that need to be surface to be succumbed. The media may show our happiest lives, but why can’t we also be real while using it and use each other to learn ourselves?

Kate Spade is a devastating example that should be noted and learned from. Her impact and influence will go on obviously, but I really want us to start to use these instances as chances to reflect. To make things better moving forward.

Rest in peace queen.



P.s. I definitely do not say it enough, but I am always here if you need advice. Not matter what it is...I can't even promise that it would be good advice because I am an actual hot mess. But lets talk about it :)

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