I’ve been neglecting my writing lately but not on purpose. I literally crave writing articles and just letting loose on the blog; I am just a perfectionist and don’t want anything posted that isn’t quality or thought provoking. A lot of the time I just write with a goal of getting my thoughts and feelings down. Other times I try to stir those stories into articles with purpose for you guys to read. I wanted to first touch base in a way that I really haven’t before on the blog. I want to take a moment to be more personal.

This past year I struggled. I struggled with family, I struggled at work and I struggled at home. My battles have been mostly mental, getting through things that have happened in the past. But also forging ways to move forward with only the people who facilitate my happiness. This year I have gained and lost friends. I have learned more about the people I hold close and have made cuts and edits based off of how they made me feel and added to my life. I only deal with people who match my energy, whether it be family or friends; and at this point in my life I feel like all toxins have been cut out.

As life happens I’ve realized how easy it is to lose touch. With those around you, with yourself, and with your mental image of your life. We pay such close attention to the happenings of everyday and lose track of just how rapidly we are each changing. So many negative things bombard us everyday and we are changed by our experiences whether it is physically or mentally, and this year I have changed immensely. Even in the event of gaining and losing friends. I’ve lost friends who are amazing people - that I hope I can rekindle a friendship with in the future. Those relationships have caused change as well, awareness if you will.  Friends trickle down after everything is considered and through it all I can honestly say that I have learned so much.

To state it plainly, you shouldn’t have anyone in your life who doesn’t add to you in some way. Also do your best to spread your energy among the people you hold close, just as they shower you.


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