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5 Ways To Work On Your Natural Hair This Fall // Winter

I always get super natural hair conscious when it starts to get cold out. I know why too - My hair gets all crunchy and my edges break off due to lack of proper oxygen and oil consumption. This happens every year as you can probably tell, so this time I am trying to do whatever I can to retain moisture and maintain my healthy natural hair. The research I came up with was pretty universal so here are the five things I took away from it all. I will be developing my own personal regimen over the next few weeks, as well as a small diet change to encourage growth and moisture. 

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Faith's Naturals Beauty

Recently I have been very into my natural hair. For one, I realized that I didn't really know much about MY natural hair. In fact I spent my entire life learning styles and techniques surrounding how to restrict my hair from being natural. I am kicking myself now because I feel like my hair could be so much healthier. That's why I am committing to learning a regimen for my natural hair, I also want to learn a growth regimen to do on a continual basis. 

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