My everyday look.

My everyday look.

I realize that I haven't written a post regarding fashion in quite some time. It has a lot to do with my major lifestyle change, and the fact that I am not expected to be dressed in anything but sweatpants and team hoodies. The season is about a third finished, and I can honestly say that I miss my clothes. I miss my makeup, and I miss dressing like a girl. Which is so strange because before the season started, I could not wait to be a boy. 

Whenever I am not in practice or working I am spending time with friends or sleeping. The outfits I choose to go out are boring and not well thought out, simply because I have little time to concoct elaborate outfits. Nonetheless, I have gathered a few things that I can honestly call my essentials. Black is the new black in 2016, and I plan on keeping this trend going. Also, if you are as lazy as me, leggings have become your everyday. I literally don't even know where my jeans have gone...

My go to outfit is leggings, a halter crop, and an over sized overlay of any kind. The overlay is optional and so is wearing a bra because you know I don't use those. Generally, I have been trying to piece together the ultimate wardrobe of about 35 items including shoes. I have gotten closer to this goal by exerting my energy into basketball instead of shopping. When your a broke college student **ish gets real, and you suddenly do not have funds for Burberry jackets and Tory Burch flats. Times have changed and the necessities are making a come back. 

My favorite leggings on this earth are from Nordstrom BP! Of course I die over Lulu leggings but like I stated above, ain't nobody got time for that. Nordstrom leggings last forever and are priced fairly and constantly put on sale. I pair my leggings with a halter crop in any neutral color I can find in the morning when I wake up. If it is a cold winter day, which is has not been, I would put on a huge chunky sweater, making sure to leave it off the shoulder to expose my cleverly placed halter crop. If it is warm out, I will typically wear a cardigan that I bought 4 times from H&M obsessively. Yes I do that. 

I literally wear this combination every single day. No joke. Hence my lack of outfit posts on Instagram recently. I just don't see the point in exposing my color options. My outfits are basic to say the least. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will start getting my life, and will get new clothes. Until then.....BEHAPS!






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