How To Simplify and Expand Your Wardrobe i.e The Capsule Chain

It has been impossible for me to write lately. The last time anything was posted (outside of the other day when I signed up for Bloglovin' and wrote a post about it) I was headed to Orlando with my aunt and grandparents. Which in anticipation was going to be amazing, and totally was for the first 2 days. Immediately following dinner on my second night I was hit with a sickness that took me out of commission completely. I could not keep anything down and I was so nauseous I could barely sleep. It was hands down the worst thing ever.

When I got home I still felt pretty weak, but bae nursed me back to health. However when I returned back to work the following week I caught a cold, which I am still fighting as I write this. Despite the sore throat and tight chest I am grateful to be holding down lunch and getting a bit more rest. I finally feel like I have some energy which is awesome because I have been trying to spread this wardrobe knowledge for days.


I have been reading a bunch about different kinds of wardrobes and trying to find trends between each and saving. I personally have a shopping problem, and need a very specific list of rules. I wanted to somehow come up with a ritual to both grow and expand my wardrobe, while also saving and recycling as I go. I found out about CAPSULES, which is like 5-10 pieces that you purchase for yourself every so often. Some people go by the season which in my opinion is the most frugal. But you could honestly do whatever you want. Maybe every three months or every two weeks, completely your preference.

The goal is to limit yourself to 5-10 new pieces within your personal time span. Within that time you are forced to rock that capsule and anything else that you may already have. That way you are buying things that correspond that you know you will wear, and you are giving yourself shopping limitations while you go. 

I also thought this was a cool interpretation...

I think the most efficient way to go about starting capsules would be to simplify what you have already. You may be surprised what you thought you needed but already have hidden in that closet somewhere. Here is where you start seeing some of your money come back. You can take what you don't wear and sell it in like a million different ways. If you would like me to write a post on selling clothes just COMMENT BELOW. Whatever you decide to keep, make sure it is essential, the basics.

Once you have what you are keeping start to do a bit of research. I find that a bunch of deals are online, and if you look hard enough you can get some steals. Here are the sites I have been scavenging to rebuild my wardrobe.

Just think about how much money you will save sticking to your capsules once a month, or every few months. I know I fall victim to being in the mall and buying a whole gang of things that don't go together. I am so sick of buying things and never wearing them. It is time to be better!

Give it a try & see how much you save!


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian

A good start. Maybe for what you have already...

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