The first time I heard this womans name was from my mom. She told me I needed to drive safely and that I needed to be cautious of my surroundings. Of course I brushed her off initially because I am hard headed and oblivious, but when I thought about it again a little later I was filled with confusion and anger.  Her exact words were, "A black girl hung herself in jail after being pulled over for switching lanes without a signal".

Naturally I was taken back. I am a black girl. And I also drive like a flipping maniac. I could not believe that something like this even happened. As much as it baffled me, I kept it moving never thinking twice about it. It was not until I scrolled past the actual footage on Facebook that I got all the details behind the story. She was pulled over and talked to/handled in a way that immediately suggests abuse. She was screamed at, she was grabbed, and she was thrown onto the ground before being cuffed and taken into the police car. I heard the worry and confusion in her voice, and became infuriated. I was also positive that she did not hang herself in jail. How can the people responsible for keeping us safe, be so abusive with their power? Especially when dealing with someone who had done absolutely nothing wrong.

How is anyone ok with treating other people like that?

I am speaking up for once. To be honest I rarely comment on the things that have been happening. Not because I don't have an opinion, but because sitting and saying nothing is so easy. People have lost their sons and daughters, and it has gone unnoticed. I see photos of children followed by rest in peace and it breaks my heart. Taking the lives of people who have done nothing wrong just because of their skin color or beliefs is absolutely insane. People should be accepted for who they are! Whatever that entails.

I identify as an African American woman. Therefore I am literally in the same boat as the woman who was assaulted. I feel a certain obligation to speak out on this matter because it could just as easily have been me.

I am Sandra Bland.

I have attached the footage of the arrest below for your convenience.

Dash-cam footage of Sandra Bland's arrest has been released by the Texas Department of Public Safety. It shows Bland being pulled over for a simple traffic violation, then an altercation begins when she's asked to put out her cigarette.


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