What You Should Always Remember.

Its crazy how quickly things change. It used to scare me, the constant reversal of things. It used to make me not want to plan or to count on anything. But that takes the fun out of it all. In life you will meet people who seem to have your best interest in mind, but in reality their goal from the beginning was to hurt you. You will get opportunities that seem surreal, only to find out that they were placed in your life simply to make you stronger when they are ripped away from you. Life works in mysterious ways. You meet certain people for a reason. So be humble with who you are as a person and with the talents that you possess. As long as you know your worth, it doesn't matter how any one else sees the story. Create your success, and persevere through the unfairness. That is life anyway, so why not gain as much strength and knowledge as possible. That is the positive way to handle crappy things that are inevitable. Not matter what keep working hard. 



The Beautiful Bostonian

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