HERBREAD & WRBB Radio // March 2016



WRBB 104.9FM - 360 Huntington Ave  NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY  

WRBB 104.9FM - 360 Huntington Ave


La selfie.  

La selfie.  

Consciousness is key. If there is anything that I learned tonight at WRBB it is this. WRBB or Radio Back Bay 104.9 FM is a station run by Supreme Richardson out of a small suite in the Northeastern U student center. He runs his show so smoothly and you can tell it's been practiced to perfection. A friend of mine Herb introduced me today and brought me in to interview him for THB! It was so cool to watch the entire thing go down and I was so inspired to be surrounded by such individuals. They each had their own stories behind their entrepreneurial journeys ; backgrounds stemming from politics to music. Their goal is to promote the cities creatives and to give people an outlet to speak their minds. The entire experience opened my eyes to a new world that I actually may pursue in the future.

 If you want to start a radio show you have to start simply by asking how relate-able your topic is...There is a need for the conversation. @HERBREAD

I am thankful for herb because be allowed me to see his world, but his being an official host at the station is just one of his achievements. I had a moment to catch up with him and he let me know that Supreme has been his mentor for years. He taught him the ropes in the radio world and really helped make him into the man he is today. I never realized the importance of a mentor. Typically I incline to do things myself. However being at the show today and watching how everyone collectively played a part in putting an art together, I was moved. 

After settling at WRBB Herb went on to start his own show called Play Radio, (P - Politics, L - Lyrics, As - Arts, Y - Youth). He wanted to create something of his own to generate conversation about politics, Hip Hop and entrepreneurship. On top of these two stations he is also a host on Drumbeat Radio. Anyone looking promote their business or music I urge you to reach out to Herb with your information. He is a Beautiful Bostonian and an amazing inspiration to the community. 


If I can't get paid to play ball, then I'm going to get paid to talk about it.  @HERBREAD


The Beautiful Bostonian  

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