The #BPSWalkOut and What It Means

The walkout was something deemed negative by those anticipating a negative outcome. I heard about it about a week and a half before it happened. Some of the players I used to coach were talking about it one day casually. Soon after I got wind that any athlete who participated in the walkout would be suspended from the state basketball tournament that's currently happening. So much negativity, but why? I have been so liberated by the experience. Not only did a group of almost 2000 high school students rise from their classrooms, but they met at the state house with posters and bullhorns demanding funding for their education. 

Monday was a great day. It was one of those days that you feel proud to be a Bostonian. A day we rarely have because of the crime and deceit that happens. The beauty of a community is watching those around you grow and flourish, living their lives and accomplishing their dreams. Friendship, trust, and love are all things we should hold close. Those things should be looked at for what they are; strength. 

For everyone who participated in this unifying movement, I am so proud of you. For standing up for yourselves, and trying to make a change. Your education is truly so important and the things you learn in school leading up to college, are some of the most vital things you will ever learn in your life. Those memories will be with you for life, and I am humbled to know that I live in a city with such human beings coming up. 

Keep fighting for your right!


The Beautiful Bostonian

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