A Different View on The Brock Turner Case


Now that this story has made its way around the whole entire internet I decided to take a moment to actually look into it. I have read what happened multiple times and from different prospects in the case. The victim, the witnesses, even Brock himself. What I have come up with is some sort of an angle as devils advocate. You see, I don't believe that everything is cut and dry. There is more to every story, and when dealing with gender equality in the United States, the lines of clarity can get a little hazy. I am going to prove this to be true by providing my story alternative for you guys. As a current college student, and woman there are a few angles that I can use to my advantage intellectually. 

So I am going to start with what you guys already know...


Brock was found by two peers having sex with an unconscious young woman behind a dumpster on their college campus. The saw the hookup happening behind the dumpster and got suspicious when they saw that the girl beneath him was not moving. At first when I read this I was instantly disturbed. Then I read more into it given the two biggest pieces of evidence; the written responses from both the victim and the witnesses. What I read changed how I saw what happened in a way. The whole story just seemed so college to me. Not saying that rape is the norm in college, just stating the obvious that sex is the norm in college. This truth made me dig a little deeper into the story. 





Once upon a time I went to a college in Miami. A similar story to this surfaced about halfway into my first semester. A girl from my neighboring dorm was "raped" and left by the dumpster next to her dorm. When she woke up she was on the ground with her bottoms torn off with a bump on her head all bruised. Of course we all tried to get more information out of her but she simply didn't know. She didn't know his name and could barely recall features so it was hard to validate the story. All she remembered was going to a bar that previous night and leaving with a guy she had never met who apparently went to our school. 

This story could have just as easily made headlines if the facts were set in stone, and the attacker were found. But that wasn't the case sadly, and it was basically handled as if it never happened. 

Now back to Brock, who was sentenced to 6 months for rape. 

He was found having sex with a young woman who was unconscious. I am going to be completely honest and say that during my college career so far I have 100% been unconscious due to alcohol once or twice (or four or five times). Whether you are blackout or passed out, sometimes shit happens that you don't remember the next day. So imagine getting blackout, having sex with some rando outside, and waking up to people telling you that you were stripped and raped against your consciousness. Of course that is horrifying information, but a rape scandal sounds better than two college kids being blackout and fornicating next to a trash can.  That is just embarrassing. 

To me, this case has been manipulated by the media like other cases to be more than what it is. No I am not saying that rape is not serious because if this is in fact a rape case, what he did was terrible. But I am asking for my readers to shield their bias and reread the stories we have been given. Actually think about the situation and how it could have transpired. Yes it is completely probable that he took her to the dumpster and took advantage of her, but it is also very probable that this is a misunderstanding. What if the sex was consented while belligerent, and she passed out due to the amount of alcohol in her system during intercourse?


Not saying that she was not raped, because she very well may have been. I just want you guys to see how easily it could have been a different story. 

Things like this happening makes way for ignoramus people to comment on what they think they know. The comments in my opinion are responsible for the hostility behind this case. It turned the facts of this reality into a debate about gender and racial inequality. Both things that are very sensitive to talk about in today's world. I think we should all be realistic and put ourselves in the shoes of both the "victim" and the "attacker", to have a reality check of sorts. We were all young, we all drank too much, and sometimes you woke up knowing nothing of the night before. As ratchet as it is, that is college for you.

What do you think of this story? Comment below, I am VERY interested! 

Thanks for reading!


The Beautiful Bostonian