Dear Daddy


Your dad teaches you the ropes in life, and how to be strong when everything sucks. My dad was and will always be my private voice of reason, an ATM, and my roll dog. I am so proud of who I am today, and a great deal of what I have become stemmed from my dad. I have one of the best dads out there, he is also pretty trendy and hip.

When I was younger my dad used to make Fathers Day at his house mandatory. We would re-watch some of his high school basketball games on VHS, and would eat whatever he wanted to eat, and do whatever he wanted to do for the whole day. Because life has decided my Fathers Day fate this year, I wanted to write a little something to let the big man know I was thinking about him.

Dear Daddy:

 I hope you have the best day filled with hours of couch time and food trays. Sorry I am not able to be there, but best believe I will have your card and candle ready when I see you!

The game is coming on tonight, so I am not sure what else you would ever need in life. But I am available by Facetime ALL DAY, seeing as I am manning the front desk of a building that is empty and closed for the weekend.

(All day, no joke 16 hours)

I Love you & I hope you have the best day!!

Yo Daughter.





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