How To Plan A Fabulous Staycation


Lets be honest - traveling can be expensive. Especially traveling how people do nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I love traveling just like the next person. In fact I get feverish being home for too long. I haven't gotten there yet but I have been doing a bunch of behind the back planning just in case a feeling like this came about. It is always good to think ahead!

First of all your how many of you know your hometown like the literal back of your hand? I definitely do not, and constantly find streets and regions in Boston that I may have never seen in my entire life. I love to take adventures sometimes just to go to new places. It blows my mind that I was born and raised here but don't know this place to a T. Beside that fact I'm sure there are a bunch of activities I have never done here, or hotels I have never stayed in here. So I did some research and found some cool things I can do both alone and with Jae. I planned a little Winter staycation for us! 

I went straight to Groupon because I am #OBSESSED with it. You can find awesome things happening around you for super cheap. Cooking classes, arts and crafts, lessons in anything you can think of. They even have some freebies in there that can definitely inspire some staycation fun - like the 2 month audible membership I just enrolled in, or the 45 day Hulu trial. That has staycation written all over it. 

They also have hotel and getaway deals for anywhere you could possibly want to go. I definitely recommend that you give it a look if you never have. Aside from Groupon a staycation can be inspired by any location. Whether it is from you bed at home or a place nearby. I consider New York a staycation - even though I don't live there. If I wanted to I could hop on a bus to New York and be there in five hours. Which is basically no time at all. Just thoughts…But here are some tips for planning your FABULOUS staycation!

Where To Stay



Home is the best option for the budgeter. A simple trip to the grocery store and some free time and you can create a luxurious staycation right from your own home. Set up the Netflix and you will be all set. 


I LOVE AirBNB it is my newest obsession. I randomly scroll through houses to rent, in places that don't cost to much to fly to. It is amazing and renting a place to stay is typically large amounts cheaper than renting at a hotel. 


Last resort but always a super nice option if you can afford it.

What To Do


Make A List Of Todo

Before I plan any vacation I plan a list of things I want to do. A good way to  stay on track when you are vacationing is to make a list of things you want to do. Restaurants you may want to try, shops you may want to browse, or even shows you may want to see.

Be A Tourist

Walk around and embrace wherever you are. Even if you are going places you have been before. Pay attention to the little things. 

Plan A Spa Day & Rest

Best. Groupon is amazing for finding spa deals anywhere! 

Movie or Show Marathon

Self explanatory - Greys Anatomy is my life.

(OH & Project Runway - #TeamNathalia)


If you are staying home an amazing way to unwind and get ahead is to de-clutter. I don't know about you but housework fills me up! I always feel so accomplished and energized when I finish a bunch of housework. 

DIY Wellness Retreat

I have always wanted to get away for a cleanse whether I am staying home doing a body cleanse with smoothies or traveling somewhere to drain myself spiritually. You can get creative with this - there are so many ways you can take some time to better yourself physically and emotionally.

Staycations are fun and a cheaper option if you ever wanted to change you scenery. I will definitely be planning a few moving through the Winter. I will NOT allow myself to get cabin fever this go round - I am determined to beat this snow! Let me know if you have any awesome #BOSTON staycation ideas below! & Get to planning :)


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian