NY - NC + A Tip To Stay Warm On Bus Trips

This year for Thanksgiving Jae and I decided to head to North Carolina to be with his family. I loved the idea right away and immediately got to looking for ways to get there. This was about two months ago by the way when this decision was made.

Right away I set off to find the cheapest route because this is what I do best - and settled on a bus from New York to North Carolina. Jae had never been to New York (which still blows my mind to this moment) so we decided to take the detour and book the tickets. 

We planned an Airbnb and our bus tickets and made our way to New York Monday night. From there we slept and enjoyed our time away from everything. We didn't do much exploring that night because it freezing outside, but I didn't mind. Simply cuddling in an Airbnb spending time with my Bae was enough, and more. For dinner we ordered the biggest buffalo chicken pizza ever that we could not even finish, and then watched American Horror Story until we passed out. 

Best - Night - Ever.

The next morning we skipped our breakfast reservation and made our way to Time Square. Jae was literally freaking out at all of the screens and people running around. It was still pretty cold so we hopped through some stores stealing warmth and checking out the scene. The first stop was Urban Outfitters because for some strange reason Jae left our room without his jacket 😑 - we ended up finding an adorable bomber in their sale section which was so awesome. 

Then we beelined to the Disney store which is where we spent most of our time fan-girling at all of the toys and contraptions. Jae ended up buying a Buzz Lightyear action figure for his younger brother that was so legit I was low-key jealous. No joke. Then we hopped on the train and headed back to the room to eat and hang out until our bus to NC at 7pm.

Our Airbnb was honestly amazing. Our host was a sweetheart, and she had a tiny little yorkie named Cookie. She jumped everywhere and was just so snugly and full of energy and love. I basically played with her until we left because I was obsessed. We even had a photo-shoot with her! Props to my Airbnb, I was entertained. Clearly.

The ride to North Carolina flew by. I was honestly so happy that we left so late in the day. I got to take a nap and by morning we were in Greenville. It also helped that I was super prepared for the trip. It lasted a solid 8 hours so I knew I would get anxious - but a good way to combat this is to prepare. So with this in mind I planned like a boss and was so ready.

I packed my Thermos from Thermos Brand and created one of my favorites, chai hot chocolate. This Chai Hot Chocolate has been my fave for a while now, I saw it on TV once and the rest was history! It is so simple to make, honestly minutes. The subtle hints of spice from the chai is so yummy with the rich and silky chocolate. It also contains no dairy and it’s nut-free which is perfect for me but also paleo-friendly and vegan. All I had to do was whip it up and put it into my Thermos. It was literally steaming on the bus as we pulled off and I was so grateful. It was hot until I finished it, no joke. And It took me a while to finish it because the Thermos they gave me is bigger than my face, no exaggeration. It took me a solid 5-6 hours to get the entire thing emptied and it was hot the whole time. I am pumped - Thank you so much Thermos Brand for sending me this gem at such a clutch time. I feel like a real adventurer now with my happy supplies :)


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By the way, want to learn how to make your own chai hot chocolate? Here is my recipe just in case //

  • 2 tablespoons raw cacao (or regular baking cocoa) - Mixed in last.

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • pinch of sea salt

  • Coconut Milk + water (half & Half)

  • Chai Tea Bags (preferential)


Stir the water and coconut milk together in a pot. Cook on high until you get a simmer. Remove, and add the chai teabag. I recommend 2 tea bags to the 1 1/2 cups of water. Allow tea to steep about 3-5 minutes (because I really like that chai flavor, if you do not like it as much simply leave the tea bag in for less time). Remove the tea bag, and stir in the hot chocolate mix.


Want it sweeter? You could also opt for maple syrup, honey or another sweetener of your choice.

We were in Wilson in no time at all, and I was welcomed by so much love I was brought to tears. Well almost tears, I totally brought babe to the side and expressed how happy and overwhelmed with love I felt. I was greeted like they have known me forever and we had just met. His Nana took me into her closet and gave me a vintage Fendi that she "never wore" I died. Literally. Then everything was complete when his younger brother embraced me and cuddled with me like we have been doing this everyday. My heart is just so full. Everyone I have met is so genuine and full of positive vibes. I am honestly so excited to hang here for the rest of the week and will probably write more while I am here, I am feeling really thankful and want to write it all down. I wouldn't want to miss this moment.

For now this is all I have. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and even though I am opposed to the holiday, I am wishing everyone and anyone reading this post a happy holiday. I will be back with more soon :)



Xo The Beautiful Bostonian