Planning For A Bus Trip


When it comes to traveling, taking the bus is more of an adventure than a hassle. It is also a good decision if you want to save some money on your trip. You won't be buying gas or paying for convenience. You pay the lowest fare and embrace all that comes with getting to your destination.  

Jae and I needed to get to North Carolina on a budget and I found amazing bus tickets for $60 each from New York. Which is why we are taking a slight detour there for a day. He has never been so I figured it would be beneficial to stop and take it in for as long as we could before Thanksgiving!  

The only way we are able to modify the trip plan is because we are taking the bus. I love the surprise element to it, because after all that is what adventures are all about :) 

Here are some bus travel tips! 


Plan a route that has stops at reasonable distances apart if you’re taking a long trip. Even if the bus stops for only a few minutes, it’s important to step off and stretch your legs. At longer stops, you can grab a snack or use the restroom. Buses are equipped with bathrooms but they’re small and stuffy and best left for emergencies.


Check to see if the station will be open when you arrive at your destination. Small-town stations may be closed overnight or open only for a limited number of hours each day. If the station will be closed, arrange for transportation to your final destination. Call ahead to see if there’s a taxi stand if you are unable to have someone pick you up.


Leave room in your suitcase for a sweater, wrap or travel blanket, especially for an overnight bus trip. The air conditioning may be too chilly or the heat insufficient. Pack a small pillow so you can nap on long trips.


Pack bottled water and a few snacks even if your trip is only a few hours long. You don’t have to consume them, but you’ll be happy you have these items if hunger strikes. The air in buses tends to be dry, so count on getting thirsty. I also like to bring something hot to drink on the bus as well. Whether it is coffee or tea, I feel like the warmth of it calms me down. Especially on long rides.

This season I was gifted with a brand new Thermos and I will be using it for the first time on my Thanksgiving trip. I am so pumped because Babe and I are traveling on foot, so having something warm nearby is so perfect and I am happy I got it just in time!


Buy luggage tags and secure locks for your bags. If your luggage is checked through on a long trip, it may spend some time sitting on the pavement waiting to be transferred to another bus. You can’t prevent someone from picking it up and walking away with it, but you can make it a less tempting target. Don’t pack valuables in your bags.


Avoid over-packing. Large bags will be slung into the compartment under the bus, and overhead racks don’t hold much. Just be mindful, and try to only pack what is truly essential. 


Items you will need

  • small blanket
  • Water
  • snacks
  • luggage tags & lock  
  • headphones  
  • book 
  • Thermos


P.s. I just found the easiest way to book bus and train trips.

You should get the Wanderu App - they have bus tickets literally anywhere for so cheap! Take an adventure!


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian  

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