Southern Comfort // Greenville NC


North Carolina for Thanksgiving was the best decision ever if I do say so myself. Simply being in this open space where the weather is just a little warmer and the sunlight beaming, has lifted my spirit immensely. I did think about missing Thanksgiving back home but as much as I love my family, I appreciated the change of scenery. I have also acquired the most loving family being down here. Babes grandparents and brother are so sweet and kind and I am just so happy to have met them. We met over the phone months ago and have built a relationship that has really solidified throughout the trip. I feel like I am home. There is honestly something to say about love and the vibrations it sends through a room. Just sitting and taking everything in you can feel the energy and it is an amazing thing to be around.

I was talking to Jae about how meeting everyone made me feel and he explained it perfectly, he let me know that he felt all the love as well - he described it as receiving a big hug whenever he was in the presence of his grandparents, because their love is so tangible. They give off such a presence as a pair and it consistently blew me away. 

The South is definitely a lot different from the city. Especially where I was. It is super quiet and each house sits on a plot of land all of its own. Nothing is crowded, and when you drive you see flatland's for miles. I loved it, I felt like it really inspired me to write. The open space opened my mind and I took full advantage of the head space.  


Jae's pop and nana are a lot like me in a bunch of ways. They remind me of my uncle herb and pop from back home. They are the epitome of black love, black power and old school hip hop. Right when I arrived I was swept away by pop who immediately started showing me his record collection. He told me stories and got to know me - he even let me borrow a book called Five Smooth Stones. It was banned from the US apparently, but they bought it from the Boston Public Library. The sign out slip is still in the back and everything, last checked out in 91 (two years before I was born). It is falling apart but I cannot wait to get through it. 

Nana took me into her closet soon after and started looking for things she had in my size. I got a new jacket and purse she said she didn't wear as if it were that casual. I was literally freaking out at my gifts. The jacket is one of a kind and will kill with a pair of high-waist black skinnies and a booty or heel. The purse is a Fendi from many years ago she just never got around to wearing. 😳 I couldn't deal with my happiness. She is everything. 

She also made us "Bermuda breakfast" which blew my mind. Apparently it is a native dish had in Bermuda (Jae has family there) - it is codfish sauteed with potatos with a butter and hard boiled egg mixture drizzled over the top. To tie it all together you slice a banana to eat with the entire thing. At first I was a skeptic because there is just a ton going on there. I honestly did not think I would like it as much as I did. It ended up being SO good and I am definitely craving it a bit while I type this. I took a picture to remember it.



We just got through spending the week in Farmville and I am very sad to be heading back home. As I sit on this bus I can't stop thinking about how carefree my week was. I had the best hosts I could have ever imagined and to be completely transparent, I think I want to move down there. Every time I travel somewhere new I ask myself if I could picture myself being there for a period of time. I think it is the adventure in me, but this past week was an eye opener. I definitely see North Carolina in my near future, even if it is used as a steppingstone to wherever I go next.  

Stay tuned, and thanks so much for following along!


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian  

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