#Coachella Day 1 // 2016

It is the morning of Day 2 and I have just found a moment to sit and write. I wish every single one of you reading this could have been there with me on my first day. I was utterly mind blown. On cloud nine if you will. To start, Indio is SO BEAUTIFUL. I don’t recall ever being in a desert so yesterday was my first time. The grounds for the festival are lined with palm trees, food trucks, and stages. There is almost never a point where someone isn’t performing. Thankfully the girls and I decided our lineups well before the festival, so we had a general idea of where we were headed. Yesterday in total I saw probably 10 shows. My favorites were Jack U, ASAP & G Eazy!


I honestly couldn’t put into words how amazing yesterday was. The three of us walked around the venue, making sure to absorb everything, to memorize the stages, and to find all the activities going on outside of the shows. A better representation of my day would be to show you photos. Even they can’t capture the true beauty of coachella. But for now that is all I have… ENJOY.


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Xo The Beautiful Bostonian