#Coachella Day 2 // 2016

Day two was just AMAZING. We started the day at Bongos which is just so predictable I’m going to stop writing about it. Just know that you are NOT HIP if you don’t make your way there.  

I had mac and french fries for lunch which was amazing, and of course my favorite, the $5 bottomless mimosa. With all of the carbs and enough mimosas to hydrate an army, my girls and I made our way to coachella day 2!  

Overall my favorite performers were Ice Cube, Disclosure, & Zedd. I can definitely say that I have become more of a music critic having seen some of my favorite artists. I gained a lot of respect for artists I didn’t really listen to simply because they knew how to put on a show. There is nothing like being surrounded by thousands of people jamming to a vibe similar to yours all day. When your there it feels like your in a different world, on different time, with a group so diverse. People from all over the world come just to see these artists and to enjoy good vibes and good music. I guess that’s why coachella is the biggest music festival in the world. 

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian