NC For The Weekend

Whenever I find the time to travel down south I am always so grateful. It’s like a different world down there, you can be driving for miles passing greenery on both sides and it will never end. I swear there is nothing more therapeutic. I needed this moment, and so did Jae.

He lost a brother last week and though I cannot say I understand completely, losing someone is always hard. Even harder if it is someone you consider to be family or your right hand man. I don’t understand because if I did, I would have been changed. Situations like this change people, so I wanted to make sure to be there every step so that he knew he wasn’t alone. This life is hard enough with the people we love surrounding us... imagine losing just one of them.

This sadness made me grateful for the never ending land, for the time we got to take away from our busy lives. The long car rides filled with positive words and good music will heal I’m sure, but one of my favorite things about vacation is its ability to refocus you. I’m not sure what it is about being away that makes a fire grow inside of me to be at work, but it happens every time. I get an insane urge to write up todo lists and to achieve my goals, and this trip did just that for me. It allowed me to refocus in so many ways, and it allowed both Jae and I to heal. Mini vacations are great for that alone - and I am committing to making these little trips happen every once in a while. Maybe even once a month for good measure...

You never know ☺️ 


Stay tuned for more travels 💕

And will someone please appreciate how cheesy I am in his photo 🤣