MIA - Orlando '18

Taken at the  Washington Park Hotel  .

Taken at the Washington Park Hotel .


Sometimes I travel and forget all about my commitment to reflect. This would have been a mistake given the results of this trip. I'm not sure what it is about actively gaining your energy back with rest but it brings so much clarity, and in my case, helped me bridge a lot of the gaps I had been experiencing in my mind. Whether we are talking about relationships, work, or life in general - I have been having a hard time. I am not in the business of exposing my every move on social media, but I do feel like I owe you guys some sort of explanation.

My previous relationship ended and I have been journeying to build myself up for what seems like the first time in my life. This trip was a direct reflection of that - I traveled to Miami and spent time with a person who not only helps me grasp things in my professional life, but she also pushed me to challenge myself personally. The growth I have experienced since I met her is insane, and I am honestly so blessed to have her by my side as I go through this. I think about myself a little different now, I know that I am being selfish but in a way I am liberated by my freedom. I am not on this earth to live comfortable, I am here to thrive in every way possible. Whether it be in love, out of it, or spreading it to others. I deserve to see how far I can bring myself while not allowing myself to be held back by anyone else. She gave me that little confidence boost I needed, and now y'all can't tell me anything OK.

Prior to the trip happening I was in a major debate with work and my overall personal life. I felt like I was settling in every aspect, all in the act of pleasing the people around me. And she basically reality slapped me back into falling in love with myself. The trip was inspired by her turning 31 this year, August 13th, a queen - Overall though I am so grateful for the time I had to simply breath, reconnect with myself, and plot my next moves in my life.