Cold Weather DETOX w/ SkinnyMe Tea

I did a SkinnyMe Tea detox two years ago and absolutely loved it. I wrote a review and have honestly - no exaggeration - felt like it has boosted my immunity and metabolism consistently since. I did have a major lifestyle change when I did the detox last, and that was in my eating habits. I also committed to drinking a lot more water in this past year or so. I remember feeling super bloated and congested throughout before I did the tea, and immediately following 1 week of my 14 day detox I was flushed. I felt clean and could breathe better. I also noticed that when I ate things I was able to pass them a lot more quickly. The tea also does amazing things for your energy levels as the day goes on - which indicates that it is keeping your body productive internally.

This season I am preparing to do a teatox. I will be buying the 14 day and going until I feel fresh. After my last review I got a BUNCH of questions regarding how it made me feel and if it was really worth the money. For those of you looking to trim a few pounds and get a leg up on a fitness journey ahead, I definitely recommend getting a 14 day detox to flush your body of toxins and anything else that may hinder you physically. I personally am not doing the tea for weightloss purposes - but I will be lying if I say this tea does not have the power to trim fat. Last time around I lost about 15 pounds. Since then I have maintained the same weight. That should give you some perspective on how it regulates your metabolism, diet, and energy. 

I also LOVE SkinnyMe because they offer a handful of other healthy options for getting those good vitamins in and for bettering your lifestyle! They have recipes for smoothie bowls, green shakes, cook books and more! 

Overall I give this product 5 stars. It is definitely a must for me.

Here is where I get it:

SkinnyMe Tea

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian