Inspo For Slaying Your Face This Winter


I really need to pick things up with my everyday face.

It is just too basic and needs some revving up. I have really been looking for what is best for my makeup choices but I have also been looking for black businesses in particular. This is a little project I have been on for a while now and I am nearing my choices, however I feel like I need to brush up on my skills a bit. 

Some simple YouTube videos will get me going I am sure, but I did want to find some looks to recreate or to TRY to recreate. My goal this Winter is to perfect eye-shadow. I have honestly never looked into learning how to do that. It is just daunting. I tried to do a smokey eye one time and by the time I was finished I looked like I had gotten punched. In both eyes. 

That was probably the last time I tried getting crazy. Nowadays i stick to brown shades that are literally the same color as my skin because I am so nervous to look absolutely ridiculous. But this will be no more this Winter as I am 23 and turning a new leaf. I will learn how to beat my eye-shadow and I will perfect my daily face.

I started a new board on Pinterest for all of the beautiful faces I see while scrolling. I figured it would provide some great inspiration for you guys too to I wanted to share it with you below...


Happy Slaying!


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian