Why Veganism is Activism.


No more meat.

Listen y’all. I realize there have been a lot of fads surrounding healthy eating and dieting in our social era but let me tell you, this food nonsense is all the way out of line.

My cousin sat me down and made me watch “What The Health” and I was flat out devastated. The documentary itself was aggressively blunt and spoke truths about where our “meat” and dairy products come from. Of course I have been curious and have done my research in the past. But actually seeing how our consumption of meat and dairy actively slows our bodies down, or seeing the money being made and passed back and forth between meat and pharmaceutical companies. It is shocking and even a little scary. It really makes you think about what you are putting in your body.

Obviously meat and dairy are produced from cows and other mammals, but have you ever thought about how insane it is that your body is breaking down excretions from other “beings”?! Think about that. I think I lost my mind a little bit when I realized egg yolks are made to sustain baby chicks for up to 48 hours after birth. The amount of cholesterol and fats present MUST be hard for our bodies to break down, and we eat these things regularly. They are advertised in a way that makes you feel like you HAVE to consume these things, when in reality it is all a big scam. Milk, cheese, meat, and eggs are directly correlated with cancer and diabetes! The over consumption of these things makes your body unable to fight the toxins and literal agents that clog arteries and cause all of the leading diseases in the US.

I am sick.

So why all the advertisement you ask? This entire scam is built off of a money scheme. The documentary showed long list mapping out the businesses and sponsors behind the meat and dairy industry. It was so disturbing because it was literally a list of everything our grocery stores and communities are filled with. Growing up in the city, meat and dairy have been pushed upon the culture and how people live their everyday lives. I only recently stopped consuming all dairy and that was because I genuinely experience pain when I ingest it. Why? Because it is not for my body. Why are we tired after a meal? Because meat and dairy are not for us - our bodies are working overtime to clear out the cholesterol and excess fats that are genuinely not for us.

I’ve become really invested as you can see, but I won’t continue beating you over the head with these facts. What I will say is that everyone should take a chance to look into their diets. Try something new for a couple weeks, try working in a new way of eating, even if it is to see how you feel. It could literally save your life.

As INSANE as it is to type and to say out loud, our government and those who make these important decisions about what is to be sold on the shelves, do not have our best interest in mind. What you are putting in your body is a product created to keep our economy going, and to keep us sick and dying off. Cancer and diabetes are a byproduct of their scheme. Thats it.


I did some quick research and gathered some articles for you guys to reference. Personally the documentary made me sick to my stomach and I don’t want to subject anyone to that trauma LMAO!

Read up if that is better for you <3


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