QUIP Toothbrush Review


I have been an avid Quip user for the last three months and this is what I have to say…


This to me is one of those services specifically concocted to make people feel like adults. Of course I brush my teeth and take great pride in my oral routine - I also go above and beyond with the simple products I’ve been exposed to my whole entire life. Colgate, Crest, Aquafresh, Arm and Hammer, Ultrabrite, etc. All are brands I am familiar with and am insanely comfortable buying in stores. However have you ever thought about the difference of trying something new and potentially better for the environment?

I found this little blurb to answer our question |  QUIP - As a company founded by two designers, we have had eco-friendliness and sustainability as  core pillars of our approach from the very beginning.

With our primary pillar being to provide perfect oral health, sometimes these two can clash as there are currently several limitations that prevent a 100% oral health AND 100% environmental health friendly service. 

So at quip, we are trying to strike the right balance, while always striving to get both oral and eco health to 100% and parity. Below are a few examples of the challenges faced, the myths that exist and how we are looking to overcome them overtime to become as eco-friendly as we are teeth friendly! 

Brush Head 

The only type of bristles that can be recommended by dentists as effective at cleaning AND gentle on your gums are soft, round-tipped nylon, which are unfortunately not yet recyclable or bio-degradable. This means that, while you are creating 80% less waste by only disposing of your brush head, you cannot recycle or bio-degrade any dentist recommended toothbrush head. Even though some companies claim that their heads are 100% recyclable or biodegradable, if they have nylon bristles, they are not and if they have “eco bristles” then they are too stiff and damaging to your enamel and gums. We are always working on ways to improve quip and once there are bristles that are equally as good for your teeth as they are for the environment, we will of course transition to that option and, at that point, make our brush heads fully recyclable or biodegradable! 


An example of an area we are trying to encourage (and enable) environmental responsibility is in battery use. Instead of enclosing batteries in toothbrushes for life like some brands, (leading to working brushes with dead batteries or batteries that can no longer hold a charge being put in landfill) we allow the battery to be removed. By choosing to “go green” you will not receive a replacement battery every 3 months and can use your own rechargeable battery and simply charge it overnight once every 3 months. No more "plugged in 24/7 " charging stands, no need to dispose of batteries. Just use a regular, single rechargeable AAA battery and charge it over night 4 times a year. With only 4 charging cycles a year. Due to the minimal amount of charging cycle the battery will undergo, you should also get a much larger lifetime from that battery than with a regular electric toothbrush! 

Brush Handle 

There is no better form of environmental friendliness than something that lasts a lifetime. quip's patented modular design ensures that the brush handle itself will last a lifetime.


As with the handle, the quip cover is made to last. The cap twists out for easy cleaning, and the microsuction strip on the back is designed to never lose its sticking powers. In the case that something goes wrong, it's made of recyclable plastic.


Despite what you have been told by ads over the years, you are not supposed to use an inch of toothpaste! Not only does doing so risk brushing poorly, but it creates an incredible amount of more waste as you are using toothbrush tubes at up to 3 times the speed you should be! Our toothpaste packaging guides correct pea size usage and explains how long each tube will last based on this usage, saving up to 3 times the waste you may usually be using! 


Our brushes (and refill heads) come in clear plastic tubes that can be re-used as bottles or containers OR recycled similar to a plastic water bottle.

SO, with all of that said, you are choosing a more sustainable option for your health! I’ve been looking more and more into sustainable ways to live my life on a health and wellness standpoint. I think it is so important to research and incorporate these things into your life. The smallest changes and words can sway a mass and I truly believe that if we all challenge ourselves and try something different for our everyday, we can make great change.

Im sure people are wondering if Quip payed me to write this and if I’m being honest, no, they haven’t. I have been doing more to find brands that support a sustainable lifestyle and this one came up. I am happy to see the change and innovation, I am proud to represent a brand who cares about these things as well. Imagine representing brands who support and inspire your being!?


Jazzy Roulhac