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15 Ways To Practice Self Care

I saw an article like this on Pinterest recently and it was so uplifting. Not because it mapped out new ways for my to practice self care - but because it reminded me that the little things I do have such a huge part of my overall being. We are each so busy but imagine being able to take a nap every single day? What would that do to your mood? Would it make you more productive? What about deciding to buy yourself that ice cream cone, or lay alone and watch a movie. These are the little things that contribute greatly to your vibe and your mood. I thought this was an interesting concept and wanted to make a list for you guys surrounding it.

With that - here are 15 AWESOME ways to practice self care :)

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Faith's Naturals Beauty

Recently I have been very into my natural hair. For one, I realized that I didn't really know much about MY natural hair. In fact I spent my entire life learning styles and techniques surrounding how to restrict my hair from being natural. I am kicking myself now because I feel like my hair could be so much healthier. That's why I am committing to learning a regimen for my natural hair, I also want to learn a growth regimen to do on a continual basis. 

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