1. Closet Revamp

    Sick of your usual rotation of clothing? Let me help you add some new key pieces to your wardrobe. We can shop new pieces or turn your old pieces into something new.

  2. Personalized Thrifting

    Customize your thrifting experience. You and I will have a date at a thrift store of your choosing. From there we will determine what you need most and hunt together. (Following a consultation)

  3. Personal Shopping

    Let me craft a shopping experience that is both stress free and convenient for you! No time to shop, give me a call. I will curate outfits for you on the go.

  4. Get Capsuled

    Going on a trip? Starting a new job? Let me pull you a 10 piece capsule to mix and match throughout your everyday life!

  5. Closet purge

    Start from scratch! Are you sick of everything you own? Do you envision yourself rocking a style that you currently have nothing of? Let me help you create your dream wardrobe! Lets bag everything up (excluding your favorites) and build you something from scratch. Whether it be at the thrift store or shopping using our local retailers. Let me help you :)

There is a flat rate of $125 for each service charged hourly.

Would you like a service you do not see listed here? Shoot me a message, we can work together to get you exactly what you need!

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Styling Consult

Need help choosing a style and finding things to wear that make you feel confident? Lets chat and put together a plan! Purchasing a shopper consult guarantees a scheduled styling. Typically packaged with other offerings. 

Price // Email me for details*

Personal Style Session

Are you having trouble picking outfits on a day to day basis? Let me help you put together a casual everyday wardrobe that you can feel comfortable and confident in. Whether we are shopping for work attire, school, or for your everyday life in general. I can put together a capsule of 20 pieces or less that you will wear and rotate daily. 

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In- Home Styling

You know deep down that you may have some great outfits hiding in your wardrobe already, but are having significant trouble putting things together? Or even worse, you keep wearing the same thing every single day? Let me help you! - We can go through your wardrobe together and pinpoint the items you need, and use what you have to build your new wardrobe! 

(All in-home styling's come with a consult)

Email me for details*

Capsule Creator

Are you going on a trip and need fresh looks for photos? Or simply want to add some new pieces to your bland work clothing rotation? Let me help you choose either an entirely new capsule of clothing, or help you improve a capsule you already started! 

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