The Ultimate Accessory.


I am full blown obsessed with beaded bracelets. I talked about them a few times before earlier in the summer, but I have recently gained a new appreciation for them. At Mission where I work, these bracelets are made, customized, and sold. Each bracelet different from the last. I always watch as they are created and I think it is so cool how they are assembled. I used to think it was just putting beads on a string, but it is definitely a little more than that. You actually have to design each one, and count the beads to make sure it comes out symmetrical. There are also bumpers and charms to choose which add to the design as well. 

This past weekend my best friend and I headed to Michael's to pick out beads to make our own personal stacks. We started by grabbing every bead that caught our eye. Then we realized that there were way too many to choose from, so we sat on the ground in the middle of the isle and laid out every bead we had. This transaction took us a solid hour and a half. We got home, popped in a movie and beaded for hours. I ended up using every bead I bought, and so did Maddy. We made awesome stacks that can be worn all year with any outfit pretty much. 


If you are ever looking for a DIY to keep you busy, or to make your own accessories I definitely recommend making bracelets. It was therapeutic, and the perfect way to spend my Sunday :)  

Try this out and send me your photos! 



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