Beads & Fringe

As we get closer to Summer, I wanted to make sure to talk about my favorite trends!! I am a fashion junkie what did you expect?

As you know, I have started working at a new boutique near my house and I have been so blown away by how happy I am. I forgot just how much fashion means to me. I started to nanny a few months ago thinking I would enjoy the me time. Which I TOTALLY did. We all need a moment to ourselves sometimes. It was actually during my me time that I came to the conclusion that I need to be working in fashion.

I have been struggling in school because I genuinely do not care about my major. Or at least I didn't. I recently changed my major to communications because that is more my speed. I also minor in the arts and journalism which is definitely more along the lines of what makes me happy. This new job was just the icing on the cake. Its so crazy how life changed in the matter of days. You can feel completely figured out one day, and your life changes and feels way more together than it did before. That's God and I am so thankful.

Now back to my favorite summer trend :) I am so in love with stacking beaded bracelets that I learned how to make them myself. I also love putting fringe on random items in an outfit. I am so in love with the fringe sandals photographed above from my new store Mission! They are beyond cute, and perfect for any outfit in the summer! Mission also has some amazing things for summer that if you are in the area you should definitely check out! We have everything from jumpsuits and maxi dresses, to fabulous fringe accessories. What is your favorite summer trend?


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