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95 Washington Street, Canton MA

95 Washington Street, Canton MA

WHERE TO START? This may come as a surprise seeing as I have mentioned little to nothing about what I have been doing lately, but I just got a new job! I nailed a LEAD stylist position at a small boutique nearby. It was literally so random how I applied. I heard about a nifty site called Indeed. You upload your resume one time, and can apply to jobs simply by clicking on them. It's so awesome. I applied to like 15 jobs one day while laying in bed. I received a call from Mission two days later, and was interviewed and offered the job just days after. Since then I have been learning the ropes and getting settled into my new spot. 

Working at a boutique is so different from working at a department store. It's more intimate and really tests your styling ability. I love the challenge! I'm also learning the ins and outs of owning a boutique which is HUGE because I aspire to open my own one day :) I want to thank Shoshanah, Stef, and Emily for making me feel welcomed. I'm so pumped for what is in store. 

Also, I posted photos of the next thing I wanted to tell you guys about! We are now making our very own custom made bracelets. They are so pretty, and I'm obsessed with this look for summer. Stef made me a stack today and of course I took a thousand selfies LOL. It was a combination of neutrals, black, and emerald green. The combo was adorable!! 

If you happen to be in the area please stop by! I will most likely be there kilin it with the crew. Not kidding. We are the people to see to prepare your summer wardrobe :) Check us out!  


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