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I am currently at work on a Saturday which would be lame if I wasn't here with Emily. She is actually THE turn up. We have been tag teaming and taking pics for Instagram all day. Which as you know, is my favorite flipping thing to do ever. I decided to post an OOTD today not because I was dazzled with my outfit, but because Emily looked so BANGIN.

Speaking quickly about my outfit, I am rocking a maxi from H&M that is not even mine. I was running around the house basically naked this morning looking for clothes. My mom stopped me and told me she had a new dress that she hadn't worn yet, and that it was folded on her bed. I popped it on and have received compliments ALL day, so thanks mum you da man.

Emily's outfit is the focal point of this post. First of all, she is rocking ripped boyfriend jeans that are Bullhead from Pac Sun. Her halter tank is from Brandy Melville, and her gladiators are from Sam Edelman. Emily is literally Santa because she brought me a bag of hand me downs. Yes we wear the same size... baffled me too. The bag was full of awesome things for the Summer to Fall transition. I will be posting a haul video with all of the things that I picked so stay tuned!

As always, I hope you are having the happiest day!

Stay Fabulous! & Thanks for reading!!


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