This fall I cannot live without: Flannels!

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I have been absent from The Happiness Blog for a couple weeks and I have quite the set of excuses. Mostly I have been getting back into the swing of things with school starting back up. I am also juggling two jobs, an internship, and a full time course load. Who do I think I am. Aside from all of the madness, I have been so taken back by the shift in temperature over the last few days. I went from not needing a jacket to needing to have a sweater or flannel tied around my waist at all times. I even pulled out my fall Burberry quilted jacket, and my collection of leather jackets. It may be too soon for these gems, but I wanted to get them out and ready because one of these mornings, I am going to be freezing my balls off. Literally. 


I wanted to map out all of my favorite stores and items for Fall fashion. There are places that I hit up yearly to make sure I am adequately set for the season, so I wanted to make sure you guys knew of my spots! 


I decided that my favorite fall items are my layering pieces. Yes I will always love my jacket staples, and my new fly fall booties, but there is nothing like having a cute set of tops to layer to make sure you are warm. Whether I am wearing a tight dress, a skirt, or jeans, I know that I can tie a flannel around my waist, or throw on an over-sized button down to make the look a little more unique. My favorite flannels of all time are sold at the GARAGE. Their flannels and over-sized sweaters get me through the colder months every year. They have perfected the craft of east coast clothing, and if there is a store near you, I would definitely recommend checking it out. 

I have also created an entire post on SPLENDID Fall fashion, so if you are looking to revamp your entire wardrobe for the fall, I have written an article that show you my favorites for Splendid's first fall collection debut! I love the quality of Splendid clothing because everything is hand made, and made to last. 

Here is a list of the other stores that I frequent online. If you are looking for style deals this is definately the right place to be! Every link I have provided below is a great site for getting everything you want and need, but every site below has huge bargains! Lets start this Fall & Winter season off right with the hottest threads! Happy shopping, and happy saving! 






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