My First Splendid Piece!


As most of you probably know, I have started working at a new store called Splendid. It is an LA based brand that specializes in domestically made clothing. Meaning that everything we sell s hand made and unique! 

As soon as I started I was gifted two hundred dollars to shop for work gear. This dress is one of the things I purchased. I wanted to make sure I picked something that could transition through every season. This dress can easily be used in the fall and winter with tights and a big chunky cardigan. This way of shopping is essential if you are looking o simplify your wardrobe. Only buy things you can wear all year.  

Splendid is pretty unique to the touch. Everything they sell is super soft and quality which is refreshing. Definitely come check me out in Chestnut Hill @ The Street. It is literally the only location in Boston so that's pretty exclusive. You can also visit their online store which is just !

Thanks so much for reading :)



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