Leggings & Leather Jackets


Yesterday was so nonchalant in so many ways. For starters the entire day of plans was scrapped early on in the day. I was planning on spending most of my afternoon at a pop up event, but when Maddy called me everything changed. It always does.


The highlight of my day was trying a new restaurant in the city named Trade. I initially thought this was just a bar - but I was happily mistaken. They sell flatbread and a handful of other amazing looking dishes. Maddy and I decided on a pesto and fig with arugula flatbread and a sweet ham and onion flatbread with Gouda cheese. 😳 Can I just tell you that I was BLOWN away! Please go get a flatbread in honor of me whenever you are in the city next. They are to die for, literally. 


The rest of the day was filled with blog prep so we took to the forest to get some photos! I love the leaves in the fall - it is probably my favorite part of the seasons changing for the cold. It is just so pretty. Last year around this time I did a shoot for my birthday and the foliage was absolutely stunning. My shoot was filled with rainbows, blurred leaves and the pink sky due to the sun rising. It was everything. That is what today's shoot felt like. 


I wore leggings obviously because it is my go to pant. There is nothing better than a pair of leggings, nothing in this world. I also layered a white stretch crew from Primark with a cropped fuzzy grey sweater from Primark as well. Over that I wore my detailed fashion leather jacket from Nordstrom. I loved the sweater underneath because the sleeves were so long and warm. They covered my hands like gloves while I took photos. I barely felt the cold in the air. This outfit is what you would find me in regularly in the Fall. I tend to go for leggings and a leather to put together outfits for days. It just works. 


Those two items are minimal essentials. HAPPY FALL!  

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian