Splendid Vests & Birthday Bests


Yesterday was completely unexpected. Literally, to the T. I was not given any information on what was happening - not even so much as an idea of how to dress for such a day. To be honest I didn't really care what I wore because I was feeling super emotional and just wanted to be surrounded by love and friends. I always get like this on my birthday. It is a time that I really reflect on where I am and where I am going - I try to make goals for myself mentally, all while appreciating and patting myself on the back for the things I have accomplished thus far. I also pay really close attention to the people I consider close to me, and really like to make sure I hear from my important people on my big day. Maybe I am just super high strung and spilling with feelings but that is just me. Like I said it is just an emotional day mentally for me. But this year I felt like that weight was sliced because of my special guy.

Outfit //   Grey Bodysuit  - Primark   Vest  - Splendid   Jeans  - Nordstrom BP   Boots  - Doc Martens 

Outfit //

Grey Bodysuit - Primark

Vest - Splendid

Jeans - Nordstrom BP

Boots - Doc Martens 

Initially he told me the day was a complete surprise but I ended up breaking him down to the point of letting me know our day was starting with mani - pedi's. We ended up grabbing breakfast on the way because we were starving which was apparently improvised. From there we met up with my cousin and her boyfriend and simply enjoyed being together and spending time. We had reservations at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner which was super nice, and he even had the entire waitstaff sing me Happy Birthday! Never in my life did I put the faith of a birthday in the hands of my boyfriend - let alone anyone else. I was just blown away and was left tearing at the end of the day - so full of love and support. I heard from literally every single person I have probably met in my life on Facebook and let me tell you - every comment made me smile all over again.

Thank you to every single person who has been following me up until now. I am so grateful for the family that surrounds The Happiness Blog everyday. From the comments to the likes, to shares, to shout outs... THB would not be where it is without you guys. I would not be where I am without you guys - Cheers to 23 and to so many amazing things happening moving forward :)

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian

My number 1 - 10.26.2016

My number 1 - 10.26.2016

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We went to see Madea & I was #dead