How To Wear Your Bright Sneakers


I bought these New Balances almost 4 months ago and had only worn them one time. They deserved more love so I decided to break them out the other day while sporting all black. It was super rainy and cold but I was attending an event and needed to throw some pizazz into my outfit. The sneakers pretty much stand out on their own so I kept it chill with a legging and a light jet black peplum sweater from Primark. I also found it very necessary to break out a piece from my winter gear - the North Face jacket. It was mf brick. I was comfy, cute, and warm - which is all you can ever ask for with the cold. 

The event I attended this day was Gilded Fest 2016 - I covered the event for you guys Here


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Xo The Beautiful Bostonian



Xo The Beautiful Bostonian