Styling Nana's Jean Jacket


Today was amazing! I planned to meet an artist in the city for coffee & also set up my first official photo shoot under BeHaps Photography! I was literally cheesing when I typed that. I have been putting in so much work behind closed doors; focusing on the blog and expanding the brand I have created. There are so many opportunities and I want to capitalize in any way possible. My goal is to make my living doing what I love and I believe I am on my way to doing that. I felt super legit leaving the house this morning - heading to meetings I had set up to advance my personal business. It was liberating honestly.


The coffee meeting was everything and I made the most amazing friend. Her name is Kyia and she is in artist in Boston. I LOVE her work so we were chatting about how we can move forward on some projects. To be honest, neither of us got coffee because we spent the entire time talking. We shared so many things in common it blew my mind! She is so awesome and I can't wait for you guys to see her work :) he is creating something for me now so sit tight. (Insert cheesing emoji) She called us "kindred souls" ☺️ - (#dead) I am excited to see what we produce for you guys, stay tuned!  

As for my outfit I wore a grey crop turtleneck from Primark, black skinnies from Garage, and jellies from JCrew. I saw this look on Pinterest and was like "I have all of these things!" - so here you go :) I thought it was the perfect mixture of 90's and minimal style which I am all about. Also can we talk about my little rain boots that I am obsessed with!! They made their fall debut so you know its on :)

Happy Fall!! 

P.s. I'm getting thick, peep.  


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian