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I woke up today still in shambles from yesterdays election results. The day immediately after the election I canceled everything. I just could not leave the bed to face the world. I figured a better way to spend my day would be to educate the people who comment ignorant things on Facebook articles. I also decided to write an article about my personal election thoughts. Please take a moment to read and leave a comment for me explaining your stance. I really am trying to understand everyone's view so we can come together.

The article is called Election Reflection

Having written my thoughts I am feeling a lot better and a lot more put together. My thoughts aren't as clouded by emotion and I really started to feel motivated to make change today. Hence my getting dressed, doing my makeup, and staging a last minute photo-shoot. All of this confidence was has also been coming from Jae for the past few days as well and it has really been comforting. He saw that I have been hurting because of what is happening and really does so much to make sure I smile. That to me is what is most important. Awful things can happen in this life - but always having your people beside you accounts for so much happiness. He helped me get out of bed today. 


I spent the afternoon taking photos of a client in the commons and really taking in my city. The colors were grabbing me every direction I looked and I was just feeling so proud. I had a realization also; though there is insane hate happening throughout the country I am confident and feel that much more safe being in Boston. No system is perfect but there are small indicators that Boston and its officials reveal to me that everything will be ok. Boston is far to diverse and has welcomed far too many people from many different walks of life for us to not understand that people are different. As I walked through the commons with a new friend I took in the setting of the prior nights rally against Trump. I was liberated and relieved to know my city has people fighting the good fight.

Tomorrow, Friday November 11th there will be a love rally in the commons. It is scheduled for 2-7 but who knows what can happen. It would make my heart melt to the see the park spewing with Bostonian's trying to make this right. we need healthy conversation and we need to unify now more than we ever have before.

Ok done rambling, back to fashion.



Hoody // Jaes

Flannel // Garage Clothing

Backpack // Jack Wills

Sunglasses // Nordstrom BP

Leggings // Nordstrom BP

Sneakers // Nike Free



Xo The Beautiful Bostonian