Fur & Stripes

I am going to start off on a tangent because there is something else slightly more important than my outfit that I wanted to point out.

Let us all be like The Fashion Sauce. 

You are probably wondering why I said that, and some are even wondering who that is all together. The Fashion Sauce is Annie and she is my blogger bestie who inspires my ever expanding vocabulary, fashion sense, and mind. She is the petite brown haired slay who was in my favorite shoot I have ever had in my life, featured here Better Together. I am shouting her out at this time because she has really been helping me come to terms with everything that has been happening around me. Of course she is going through her own stuff with life and such, but she has been so amazing to talk to regarding politics and solutions. When we sit and talk we aren't just gawking about the horrible people we come across on Facebook. Most times we are brushing off all of the negative residue and coming to the table to discuss fresh positive ideas, and most importantly ways to fix things we struggle with on a personal level and on a societal level. She is amazing at being level and realistic, which is just so refreshing. I don't know about you - but personally I am sick and tired of the delusions that have been making their way across all of our social media. If you ask me, we should all pick up a book and turn the Facebook feed off for a couple days. In this instance ignorance is not bliss.

Just head to her blog for a breath of fresh air. She may even get you giggling :)

The Fashion Sauce

Today we met at Scoozi a little Italian spot on Newbury street and it was so amazing. I am not sure why I have never gone in there before today. I was actually shocked to see where it was located and to see how many awesome things they had on their menu. I ended up getting a chicken Parmesan panini which was life, then we strolled down Newbury and shopped while snapping photos.

And that was all she wrote.


Brandy Melville  sweater, Striped Tunic from  Forever 21 , Jeans & Doc Martens from  Nordstrom ,  Primark  CrossBody

Brandy Melville sweater, Striped Tunic from Forever 21, Jeans & Doc Martens from Nordstrom, Primark CrossBody


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