All Black? Red Lip.


The other day I was scrolling through THB just browsing and I came to a realization. I wear a LOT of black. This is obviously something I knew, but I hadn't really kicked back and taken note of how much black really occurs on an everyday basis. It was this awakening that drove me to research more into fashion and after some extensive style soul searching I have come to the conclusion that I am very minimal. And I am confident as such. I also learned that I like clothing more-so for their functionality than anything else. For example, if it feels good on my skin I wear it.  I am a lot more into being comfortable and casual than being that girl who stands out for her popping ass shoes or big hair. I feel that a lot of my swag comes from how good I feel in my clothes. 


With that said, today's outfit had me feeling like a bad Bih. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with my adorable sleeveless chunky turtleneck from Primark. That thing makes me feel like a million bucks because it is just so elegant and can be worn in so many different ways. Today I paired it with a black long sleeve from H&M, because it is just too cold without it - I also popped on a quilted vest from JCrew which I love. On the bottom I wore leggings and Nike free runs which is what I live in when I'm not taking fashion shots. If you don't own a pair of leggings from Nordstrom BP you are doing something wrong. I bought four pairs of leggings when I worked there in 2013 and still have the same four pair. I literally have not needed to replace them. Ok, end legging rant. 


I figured my look was pretty solid on its own but then I saw my red lipstick hanging out of my makeup bag. She was begging me to put her on, so I did. My vibes were right clearly because my pictures were slamming. *Praise Hands* to Mac for creating Ruby Woo - my love child.  


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian