Plum - Army - Black


You can pretty much throw any combination together as long as you have a black pant and shoe duo. That is the approach I took for today's outfit. threw on my purple mock neck long sleeve from Landsend and an army green canvas jacket from Free People. My jeans are always and forever from Garage Clothing because I sweat them, and I am rocking my Doc Martens as well because they are always essential. 

I spent the day with Maddy because we hadn't seen each other in what felt like years (five minutes) and we planned to have this really insane shoot to get a whole bunch of content ready for our blogs. We planned the day to the T and down to the outfit like Instagram fiends. It cracks me up how serious we are about each and every photo we take. You would think this blogging thing is effortless from what you see, but it gets super stressful at times. I was proud of us and literally exhausted when I got home from shooting. It is honestly so awesome having a friend so close enduring the blogging journey with me. know I sound like a broken record at this point but friendship is everything.

Success becomes a lot more attainable when we build each other up. 


o The Beautiful Bostonian 


Also, I am leaving for New York in the morning and really really am in need of new songs. I listen to a little bit of everything and really want to hear something new... please comment your favorite song right now below 🙌🏽💕