Primark Opening // Burlington Mall


Primark opening in the Burlington Mall was the highlight of my December thus-far. For starters, you guys should already be very aware of my Primark obsession. In fact in my last 5-10 outfit posts I am rocking something from Primark, and that is simply because they are the QUEEN of essentials. I have managed to rebuild my wardrobe from scratch just sticking to buying what I really felt I needed. I have been researching minimal style for a while now on Pinterest and decided not too long ago to sell my clothes and start again. I was so excited when Primark reached out to me to come shop at their new location because I was in dyer need of core wardrobe items. A simple black skinny jean was a rarity in my closet because of my big clean out so basically, it was game time. 

Primark is amazing to me because they are on trend and very affordable. You can go there with $100 and leave with an entire wardrobe if you shop smart, which is all I know how to do. As a minimalist what I look for is essentials. I love getting my favorite sweater in a set of neutrals or the same cut of jeans in different shades of denim. I like to make sure my core wardrobe is in solid condition, and from there find standout items to add some pops of color. But I can honestly ramble all day about how amazing Primark is so I will say this one last thing. I saw a sweater in Primark yesterday that Nordstrom sells for 4X their price and Primark had it in every color. POW.

Wednesday morning babe and I walked into Primark with a $250 dollar budget and a dream. We needed so many things it was just too much to think about all at once. We broke in half to be more time efficient and started finding all types of stuff. I headed straight for the jeans because I have been in dyer need of them. Then I started grabbing sweaters and blouses and cardigans. I went crazy to say the least, but after about two hours we narrowed everything down to exactly $250. 


The store in comparison to the Boston location was very different. Instead of things being spread out on different floors it was all on one widespread set. It was a lot easier to navigate in my opinion, and it was just a lot simpler to locate where you needed to go. I also mentioned above that they had literally every color and size in women's, they even had clothing styled which was a nice touch. Styling and color coding is so important when you are trying to put together an aesthetic, so it really helped out my shopping that items were placed so strategically. Overall I was very impressed, and really over the top excited about all of my new things! Make sure to head to Primark at your earliest convenience to stock up on the warm clothing before it gets snow crazy in the city!


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian